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Inbound Marketing for Government Contractors

Government contractors are facing a challenging environment - the federal budget crisis is affecting most federal agencies and contractors are being tasked to do more with less.  Business development is becoming increasingly competitive as contractors compete for a shrinking number of programs.

Inbound marketing, the process of buyers finding solutions on the internet, is a means by which contractors can adapt to the challenging business environment they are facing.  With inbound marketing, contractors can:

  • get on the radar screen of procurement officials in the period 18-24 months prior to the contract award as a potential solution to their need
  • influence the RFP-writing process by communicating unique capabilities and solutions to procurement officials via website content, blog posts and social media
  • expand into commercial markets by publishing content of interest to those buyers
  • find teaming partners or get found by teaming partners to pursue business development opportunities

Rapidan Strategies has experience working with government contractors and can meet your specialized needs - from hosting social media programs on our servers to mitigate security concerns to helping you create content using keywords that your buyers are using to search for solutions.

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