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Why I Love The New LinkedIn User Interface

Have you noticed anything different in LinkedIn lately? In January of 2015, LinkedIn rolled out a new user interface. From my perspective, the new interface makes it easy to manage my LinkedIn relationships quickly and regularly.

Whenever LinkedIn rolls out something ... Read More

Focus Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media, much like content marketing, has reached the point of diminishing returns. We're all bombarded with constant marketing messages and many of us are learning to tune them out. Remember the good old days when you could just ... Read More

A Breakdown Of The Social Media Sales Funnel

In the past, businesses just needed to place advertisements on TV and magazines to convert people into customers. Today traditional ads are no longer the best way to reach people as 92 percent of consumers trust peer ... Read More

Boost Your B2B Marketing With Google+

Despite a rocky beginning, Google+ has grown significantly in the past years and now is the second largest social media network with over 500 million active monthly users. While its numbers continue to climb steadily, there ... Read More

NVTC - Social Media for Sales Professionals

Many businesses invest time and money in content marketing. It's no surprise, when you consider that 61% of respondents agreed that the winning vendor delivered a better mix of content appropriate for each stage of the purchase process in Read More

4 Lead Generation Tips for Your LinkedIn Company Page

You already know that LinkedIn is a great networking tool for individuals and brand builders. Where else can you find over 300 million skilled professionals looking for work, looking to hire, and sharing big ... Read More

4 Ways You Can Instantly Improve Your Social Media Marketing

It's easy to get lost in metrics and analytics when crafting a social media strategy. How many conversions? How many fans? What is my reach? Of course numbers are important, but they can never tell the whole picture. If you are serious about improving your social media marketing campaign you have to be ... Read More

Accelerate B2B Inbound Marketing Results With LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

It's no secret that LinkedIn is the go-to social selling network for B2B companies. With over 3 million users worldwide (100+ million in the US), LinkedIn is where professonals go to improve business operation - whether it be increasing sales, hiring better ... Read More

The Social Media Marketing ABCs That Will Grow Your Technology Company

Social networks are excellent places to develop a rapport with customers and increase your qualified leads. This is especially important for a technology company marketing plan, since a key element to building your brand is showing you are in tune with the latest technology.

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A B2B Social Media Marketing Process For HubSpot Users

HubSpot is one of the most popular internet marketing software platforms for small and mid-sized B2B businesses. As of June 2014, HubSpot has over 10,000 customers and are rapidly expanding both here in the US as well as internationally. One of the reasons they've been so successful with SMB companies is that they offer an end-to-end marketing automation ... Read More