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3 Incredibly Simple Hacks for Your Inbound Lead Generation Strategy

Inbound marketing has become exceptionally popular, and for good reason. Bottom line, it works. In fact, inbound marketing works so well that now everyone is using it. With so many companies embracing the power of inbound, standing out from the crowd has become a real challenge. Does that mean you should abandon inbound for the next hot trend? Of course not.

Your inbound marketing can still delive...

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5 Content Marketing Stories Every Management Consultant Can Tell

Many management consultants are great at what they do, but struggle with consistently winning new business. They know their field of expertise well and do a great job solving client problems. Most of their new business results from referrals.

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Balance Your Professional Services Marketing Strategy

Modern marketing is all about diversity. Your prospects connect with your company through a wider variety of channels than ever before, so it's only natural that your marketing should reach those prospects through a diverse set of tactics. For professional services marketing, that might mean embracing some marketing channels you haven't used in the past. The important thing is to remain open-minde...

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3 Effective Ways to Kickstart Your B2G Inbound Marketing Strategy

Is your B2G marketing delivering the ROI you expect? Right now, there's a considerable gap between the content B2G marketers are offering to government buyers, and the content that those buyers actually use to make decisions. According to the Federal Marketing Review 2015 from Market Connections, the top three types of content favored by government buyers are research reports, webinars, and case s...

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The Anatomy Of A Highly Effective Landing Page

Your landing pages are the sales team of your inbound marketing progam. They "close the deal" in your lead generation process. A well-designed landing page can be the difference between hitting your revenue goals and missing them. 

Landing pages are web pages where a potential lead provides contact and demographic information in exchange for a premium content offer like an eBook, whitepaper, video...

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10 Latin American Inbound Marketing Trends Colombian Companies Should Know in 2015

The assertion that Colombian companies aren't using inbound marketing is a myth, according to HubSpot's Inbound Marketing y Su Estado en Latinoamérica 2015 report. While the results vary by industry, innovative Colombian companies are using inbound marketing to take advantage of the growing access to high-speed internet and the robust usage of social media by Colombians to drive their businesses f...

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Government Contractors Need Inbound Marketing To Thrive

There is a huge gap between the information government buyers want and what government contractors are giving them. This is one of the primary conclusions of Market Connections 2015 Federal Content Marketing Review.

Market Connections interviewed 150 federal employees involved in the buying process and 150 government contractors to learn what the buyers wanted in terms of content marketing and wh...

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How To Provide A Stellar Customer Service Experience [Infographic]

When it comes right dow to it, there's no excuse for not providing great customer service to your customers. You don't need an MBA from an Ivy League school to be responsive. On the other hand if you have that MBA and you're not responsive, it's not worth the paper it's printed on.

I sometimes assume that everyone in a customer-facing role knows how important it is to provide a stellar customer s...

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Listen to Improve Your Inbound Sales Process

One of the basic truisms used in developing an inbound sales process is to “sell people how they wish to be sold, rather than the way you want to sell them.” This requires, for some, a dramatic shift in how they view the sales cycle and, even more fundamentally, how they communicate with people in general. The biggest skill most salespeople need to develop to truly excel in this type of selling ...

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Marketing Presentation To The Colombian Digital and Creative Industries

We have more to thank Colombia for than Sofia Vergara. Since the implementation of the United States - Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement in 2012, the Colombian digital and creative industries have made significant inroads in the United States. My company has been a beneficiary of this agreement - we entered into a partnership with a Colombian company (Brandca) to deliver web and graphic design ...

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