Inbound marketing tactics for SMB companies


Inbound Marketing Tactics - Top of the Funnel


Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing your website to increase the chances of buyers finding you online.  Search engines such as Google use algorithms to “crawl” the web to find the pages that best match the keyword terms a user has entered.  Learn more

Blogging and Content-Creation

Frequently publishing quality blog posts that relate to the keyword phrases you are targeting is the best way to attract links to your site from relevant sources.  Companies that blog have 55% more website visitors and 57% more B2B leads per month.  Learn more

Social Media

Social media works for an inbound marketing strategy on several levels. First, it's a great platform to promote your blog.  Experts agree that the search engines are placing increasing weight on social media sharing of your website content.       Learn More


Inbound Marketing Tactics - Middle of the Funnel

Call-to-Action and Landing Pages

A call-to-action is a prominently displayed element of your website that is designed to get you website visitors to take an action - whether it be downloading an e-book, Learn More

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is the process of sharing information with your leads in a way that mirrors their buying process.  This is accomplished by behavioral-based e-mail campaigns designed with the leads behaviors in mind.  Learn more  

E-Mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is part of a holistic approach to educate your contacts.  An effective e-mail marketing campaign integrates with other data systems, particularly your website.  For example, an effective e-mail will drive your contacts to a landing page where they will receive more educational content.  It will also have a high deliverability rate, which is achieved by clear opt-in policies and regular list maintenance.  Best practices in e-mail marketing include segmenting lists to provide relevant targeted content to subscribers.  


Inbound Marketing Tactics - Bottom of the Funnel

Sales-Marketing Integration

It is important to integrate your inbound marketing program with your sales force. Sales should play a role in developing and iterating the lead nurturing process - sales can provide feedback on the quality of leads Learn more


In order to make sure your inbound marketing program is delivering the ROI you need, analyzing your inbound marketing strategy is a must.  Learn more