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3 B2B SEO Marketing Tips to Grow Your Revenue

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Posted by John Beveridge on Jan 5, 2015 6:00:00 PM

B2B_SEO_MarketingIf you've been in the online marketing game for a while, you probably remember a time when the mere mention of SEO was enough to send people running for the hills. It wasn't the fault of SEO as a concept, though. The problem was the SEO tactics that worked best at the time also happened to lead to really bad websites. Who could forget classics like “content that's 50 percent keywords,” or “landing pages that lead nowhere”?

Of course, it didn't take search companies long to wise up, and tighten the process they used to rank pages. That was the beginning of “good SEO,” which doesn't make you choose between a high ranking and a legible website. For the most part, those early days and the myths that came with them are way in the rear-view. SEO is not only a respected tool these days, it's vital for B2B marketing. SEO is still constantly evolving though, and that means there are always new myths popping up to replace the old ones.Separating the myths from the truths will help you stay on top of your SEO game. The most important thing to remember? The goal of search engine operators is to deliver the most useful results to customers, which means your best SEO tool is to have a great website. It's a win-win proposition for you and the search engines. Ahead are three B2B SEO marketing tips that will boost your search ranking, improve your website, and ultimately grow your revenue.

Great Content IS Great SEO

Modern search algorithms are designed to sort out which sites offer real value to users. There are no longer shortcuts to establishing value. Offer content that your B2B customers want to read. Talk about big industry news, or give helpful tips related to what you sell. Teach people about your company – not just what you sell, but the people you have selling it. Look for ways to engage, and reward people for taking the time to visit your site. Update your content regularly, but don't post something just for the sake of having posted it.

There are plenty of fringe benefits to posting valuable content, too. For one, it's more likely to be shared, and every click of the “share” button is a potential referral. It builds trust with potential customers, and helps lay the groundwork for positive relationships. It helps establish you as an authority in your field, which ultimately leads to increased influence. It's simply worth the effort.

More Microsites and Landing Pages Does Not Equal Better SEO

There was a time when loading up on landing pages and microsites outside of your main domain was a way to trick the search algorithms. Even then, it was only a trick. These days, building a bunch of separate but related pages is generally counterproductive to your B2B SEO marketing. It stretches your footprint thin, and pulls eyes away from your main domain. It's like diluting a glass of tasty iced tea with water. Eventually, all you're going to have is water.

That's not to say landing pages and microsites don't have their place. It's just that their place is as a targeted marketing tool, not an SEO component. Using outside pages for specific marketing purposes won't hurt your SEO, but building a bunch of them just for the sake of it will. For SEO purposes, focus on building value with your main domain.

Keep Your Homepage Free of Clutter

One of the most persistent myths about SEO is that filling your homepage with content is somehow more effective than spreading your content throughout your site. That's simply not true, for SEO and aesthetic reasons. When a customer lands on your homepage, you want them to get a clear idea of what your company is about, and what they can expect from your website. That's what Google wants to see from your homepage, too.

Remember, B2B SEO marketing is all about building value. A homepage that's overflowing with content is counterproductive to that goal, even when the content itself is of high quality. Focus on providing clear, concise information on you homepage to avoid overwhelming visitors. Make your site easy to navigate, so users can find your content easily if they like what they see on your homepage. It's better for your SEO, and your site visitors will thank you.

We're only scratching the surface of modern B2B SEO marketing myths, here. You've heard the names of Google algorithm updates: Penguin, Hummingbird, Panda, and Pigeon, to name a few. Each update comes with a new set of myths, which add to the old, stubborn myths that never quite seem to disappear. Check out Learn SEO From The Experts to see what really works in the modern SEO environment.

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