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3 Surefire Tips to Grow Your Technology Company The Inbound Way

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Posted by John Beveridge on Jan 27, 2014 6:30:00 PM

How_To_Grow_Your_Technology_Company_The_Inbound_WaySixty-one percent of technology buyers desire content that directly addresses the issues they face at each point in the decision process. Eighty-five percent of tech buyers say they need to encounter at least three pieces of content before engaging with a solution provider. And the average tech buyer needs even more – these buyers consume ate least 14.5 pieces of content before making a buying decision. What do these stats have to do with your tech business? A lot, actually.

When it comes to nurturing technology company sales leads, inbound marketing is key. In fact, with more than 80% of buying decisions begin online, the average buyer gets at least 60% of the way through the buying process before they are even willing to speak to or engage with a salesperson.

Why inbound marketing is great for tech companies

Inbound marketing is any marketing activity that brings leads and customers “in” to your business when they’re ready, rather than going out and actively trying to gain a customer’s attention. The difference between great inbound marketing and ineffective “interruption” marketing is as simple as the difference between a well-received white paper that potential clients freely download and an intrusive pop-up ad that disrupts a potential client’s online browsing experience. And while most pop-up ads are a thing of the past, tech companies that continue to rely on ineffective “interruption” tactics are doing their business a serious disservice.

Inbound marketing is extremely effective because of its inherent versatility, adaptability and agility. Is your technology company using inbound marketing to provide potential buyers with the right content at the right time? With the majority of tech companies are failing to invest in effective inbound marketing strategies, if your tech business begins to use inbound marketing, it can get a serious leg up on the competition. Here’s what your business needs to know.

The Essential Guide To Inbound Marketing 

How to grow your tech company with inbound marketing

1. Shorten the sales cycle

At four to six months, the average sales cycle is pretty long for tech companies. Inbound marketing strategies can help shorten this sales cycle by building a strong relationship between your target lead and business well before the target even needs to make a purchase. Thought leadership in the form of white papers and eBooks, for example, introduces new leads to your company and helps form positive brand associations. When it’s time to make a purchase, these businesses will be more likely to think of your technology company and come to your first.

2. Cater to information junkies

Tech buyers are serious information junkies that consume upwards of 10 pieces of branded content, such as white papers or eBooks, before even considering whether they will make a purchase. Seventy-one percent frequently read white papers and sixty-seven percent read case studies. Tech companies that provide “free” information and solve common tech problems will establish themselves as industry leaders and build brand recognition, thus winning sales before they even have direct contact with tech buyers.

3. Solve problems

Inbound marketing is all about the soft sell; don’t give potential clients a laundry list of your tech company’s services. Instead, use thought leadership, such as white papers, to demonstrate how your business is already solving their problems for other clients. White papers and other “free” solutions create a sense of urgency amongst your clients. If you’re giving away such great information, just imagine what better, privileged information you are providing for your top clients! Furthermore, this content subtly primes businesses to worry that if they don’t get involved with your tech company, they’ll be falling behind the competition – to potentially disastrous results. When executed correctly, inbound marketing campaigns will establish your tech company not only as an industry leader, but also as a true innovator.


If you're not using inbound marketing to grow your technology, you're likely falling behind your competition in the race for new business. Think like a publisher and share content online that answers your buyers' questions and shows them that you're helpful and knowledgable. If you do that persistently and consistently, you will be rewarded with business growth. If you'd like to learn how, please schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with us.

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