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4 Lead Generation Tips for Your LinkedIn Company Page

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Posted by John Beveridge on Sep 10, 2014 10:58:07 AM


You already know that LinkedIn is a great networking tool for individuals and brand builders. Where else can you find over 300 million skilled professionals looking for work, looking to hire, and sharing big ideas? The same characteristics that make LinkedIn so useful for networking also make it a great marketing and lead-generation tool for your business.

Even among other social media channels, LinkedIn occupies a unique place in the marketing sphere. The career-centric nature of LinkedIn eliminates much of that fluff found on other social sites, allowing you to focus directly on your core demographic.

It all starts with a LinkedIn Company Page that attracts the right kind of attention. There's plenty of room for creative marketing on LinkedIn, but there are also some key points you'll notice that nearly every successful page gets right. Follow these four tips to set your LinkedIn Company Page on the lead-generating path, then check out the Visual Guide to Creating the Perfect LinkedIn Company Page for a deeper look at how you can put that plan into action.

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

When you land on any web page, what's the first thing you notice? Before you look at the text, sidebar, byline, or anything else, your eyes are usually drawn to the photos. A good photo tells the visitor a story, and gets them excited for what your page has to offer. The LinkedIn Company Page offers a variety of places to show off your best photos.

  • Featuring your logo is useful, but avoid overdoing it. Product photos are another great option, especially if you're launching a new item. It's a strong way to publicize what your company is about, and what you've got to offer.

  • Don't be afraid to mix in photos of employees hard at work, having fun, or better yet, doing both at once.

  • Keep your photos current, and don't be afraid to change things up fairly often. It gives prospects a reason to keep coming back to your page.

Quality Content

Remember that when generating leads on LinkedIn, your dealing with people who know the marketing game. That means you've got to offer something valuable to grab their interest. The good news? You've already got plenty of expertise. Show it by linking to and providing great content.

  • Every piece of content is an opportunity to establish your credentials, and show visitors why they should buy from you. Offer helpful tips related to your industry, or a deep analysis of what you're selling. Content builds trust, so avoid making it an overt sales pitch. That part comes later.

  • Sharing content from others is also valuable. It's a nice nod to whoever produced the original piece, and it shows visitors that you're willing to look anywhere for great ideas. Ultimately, it brings more eyes to your page.

Join the Community

LinkedIn groups offer an easy way to get involved in the larger community of the site. Find groups related to your industry, and join them. If you manage a group, make sure it shows up on your page. This makes it easier for people to find you, and keeps your page involved in the conversation.

  • Look through groups related to your industry, and make some connections. This is a great way to set up mutually beneficial referral arrangements, in addition to looking for potential sales.

  • Connect with customers and suppliers that already do business with you. These are people who can already vouch for your quality and service. You'll often find potential leads in their list of connections, as well.

Put Analytics to Work

LinkedIn offers some built-in analytics that deliver plenty of important information. These tools are easy to use, and they take much of the legwork out of learning what's working, and what's not. 

  • Analytics are especially useful for learning what type of content works best for your page. How far is your reach? Is your content being shared? Did you get a spike in followers after posting a specific piece? Use the answers to shape your strategy in the future.

  • You can also learn about your followers on the analytics page, with information you won't be able to find on any other social channel. No other site can offer such an accurate breakdown of, for example, how many of your followers are entry-level, how many are in management, and how many are executives.

  • If your page isn't generating the leads you expect, the solution will often be found in analytics.

We're really just scratching the surface of what you can do with your LinkedIn Company Page. There's much more to all of these tips, and how you can make them work together to generate quality leads. You'll find a more detailed discussion of these tips, along with some tips that weren't mentioned here, in the Visual Guide to Creating the Perfect LinkedIn Company Page.


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