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5 High-Impact Tips That Will Help You Get More From Your HubSpot Subscription

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Posted by John Beveridge on Apr 13, 2016 11:30:00 AM



Our most popular bottom-of-the-funnel offer is a free inbound marketing consultation. I speak with business owners and managers all the time who want to get more from their inbound marketing investment.

Unlike 3 years ago, almost everyone I speak to is already practicing inbound marketing in one form or another. The comment I hear most frequently from business managers goes something like this, "We have been using HubSpot for about a year now, but I'm just not getting the results I need to get from our inbound marketing efforts."

I've had five conversations along those lines in the last 2 weeks. I've yet to have a conversation where the business owner wanted to do something that HubSpot couldn't do. HubSpot is a feature-rich inbound marketing software program that is constantly being updated and improved. Almost all of the conversations revolve around using the full capabilities of HubSpot to automate and improve B2B marketing.

With that said, here are five blog posts we've written that will help business owners and managers to be more effective marketers with HubSpot.

Promote your content!

One of the most common things I see is businesses creating great content that's not getting any traffic. For those new to inbound marketing, some of this has to do with the time it takes for Google to start indexing your content and understanding your domain authority. In the short term, you can address this by advertising your content on search engines and social media networks.

But many businesses create the content, publish it and wait for the traffic to materialize. Creating content is only half the battle, you need to aggressively promote your great content to generate buzz (and traffic and leads.)

This article provides tips on how to promote your inbound marketing content.

5 Simple Strategies To Promote Your Inbound Marketing Content

Use HubSpot's Marketing Automation To Qualify and Segment Leads

For most B2B businesses, lead quality is more important than lead quantity. For businesses with long sales cycles and high lifetime deal values, a real business opportunity is worth 100 leads of unknown quality.

By using HubSpot's lead generation forms to capture information on your lead's industry, company size, position and other demographic factors, you can focus your sales and marketing efforts on the leads that are most important to you in the manner that is most important to them.

Using this approach also has the added benefit of giving you the ability to segment leads for email marketing. An email targeted to a specific demographic is far more effective than an email written to hit the lowest common denominator.

This article shares some thoughts on how to target high-quality leads.

5 Foolproof Tips To Improve The Quality Of Your Inbound Leads

Use User Experience Concepts To Build a Lead Generation Website

Many businesses start inbound marketing with a website that just wasn't built for lead generation. The simple fact is that if you haven't updated your website in 2-3 years, it's probably letting your inbound marketing down.

The modern lead-generation website should be built around the premise of helping your ideal customer using solid user experience concepts that make it easy for your target audience to find information that helps them. If you help them, they will trust you and opt in to your marketing process.

The key to remember is that your website should be about your target audience, not about you. Your website should not be a digital brochure.

Here are 2 articles that will help you build a lead generation website.

Is Your Website Letting Your Inbound Marketing Down?

4 User Experience (UX) Concepts Every CEO Should Know

Use Your Inbound Marketing Content In Your Outbound Marketing

Many businesses start inbound marketing and stop outbound marketing. I'm a firm believer that inbound marketing will provide a steady flow of leads that will fill your pipeline with quality sales opportunity, but it will take time. For most of us, it will never negate the need for outbound marketing efforts.

Your inbound marketing content provides a great foundation for an outbound marketing process that helps prospects rather than annoys them. 

This article will give you some ideas on how to use your inbound marketing content in your outbound marketing.

How To Go Outbound With Your B2B Inbound Marketing

Use HubSpot Sales To Make Your Sales Process More Efficient

For those of you unfamiliar with HubSpot Sales, it's a sales enablement tool that connects with your HubSpot marketing software and Gmail or Outlook email platforms. It's a perfect platform to build an outbound sales effort as described in the paragraphs above. It also integrates with the HubSpot CRM and Salesforce to give sales professionals real-time intelligence on how and when your leads are interacting with your marketing process.

Rather than expand on the features in this blog post, we recommend you read this on.

Product Review: HubSpot's Sidekick For Business

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