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A Great Holiday Gift Idea - Video Marketing Equipment

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Posted by John Beveridge on Dec 19, 2013 11:12:00 AM

Video_marketingWhat do you get for that certain someone who has everything this holiday season? Well, if that person is a business owner or manager that wants to grow their company, consider giving them some video marketing equipment.

Why is video marketing such a great idea for SMB companies? It's all about science. The Weiss-McGrath study showed that people remember video content (combination of visual and oral presentation) 6.5 times more effectively than oral presentations in terms of how the audience retains the message.

Study participants were presented information in 3 different formats. After a period of 72 hours, this is what the participants retained:

  • Oral presentation - these participants retained 10% of the information
  • Visual presentation - these participants retained 20% of the information
  • Oral + visual presentation - these participants retained 65% of the information!

If that doesn't make the case for video marketing, I don't know what does. So back to that gift idea. Here's one thought courtesty of Adam Zais and my friends at Wistia - a down and dirty lighting kit for interview videos that costs less than $100!


Down & Dirty Lighting Kit

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