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My 2016 Inbound Marketing And Sales Resolutions

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Posted by John Beveridge on Dec 15, 2015 5:03:16 PM


I'm going to try something new this year. Instead of resolving to eat better or to go the gym more, I'm focusing my 2016 resolutions on my business. I have most of the health-related issues under control, so I'm going to resolve to do a few things that will improve the health of my business and make my customers and prospects happier. If my customers and prospects are happy, I'm happy. So here are my 2016 inbound marketing and sales resolutions.

I resolve to not waste time

Time is a commodity that is absolutely limited. There are only 24 hours in a day. I don't want to waste time - neither my time nor my prospects' and customers' time. Here are a few things I will do stop wasting time for everyone.

  • I will only spend time with prospects that fit into my target profile. I have been in the professional services/management consulting business for over 25 years. I know that industry and can help companies within that industry. I have worked with technology companies for all of my professional life - I know that industry pretty well too. I will not waste my time or a prospect's time by pursuing opportunities outside my field of expertise.
  • I will get to "no" fast by relentlessly qualifying my sales prospects. I will find out very early on in my sales process if prospects buy into my value proposition and have the money to pay for my services. If they don't, I have plenty of other things to spend my time on.
  • I will always have time for my customers. Spending time with a customer is never a waste of time. The value of a good customer far exceeds what they actually pay you. They energize your team and inspire them to do their best work. They are the foundation for business growth - they provide referrals and testimonials necessary to close new business.

    They are truly the lifeblood of any business. By being judicious about how I spend the rest of my time, I will ensure that I always have time for my customers.

I will outsource tasks that others do better than me

As a business owner, I need to focus my time on sales, strategy and client management. In the past, that hasn't stopped me from trying to be a graphic designer, web developer or an accounting expert (I'm none of those!) I have great people that do all of those things and I trust them to do a way better job than I can. I can rest assured that I have those areas covered because of my incredible partnters.

  • My Colombian design and development partners are the best. Early in the life of my business, I connected with two Colombian companies that have become great friends and partners and an integral part of my business. Brandca of Bogotá and Triario of Medellín have both done great design and development work for both me and my customers. I will leave the design and development work to them - they have it well under control.
  • My business partner is a long-time CFO. When it comes to financial management, I will listen to her and give her the resources she needs to be the CFO of our company. 
  • I will look to work with experts as other needs arise out of my areas of expertise. I will no longer be the jack of all trades, master of none!

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I will listen to others and show gratitude every day

You didn't think I'd list my New Years resolutions without having at least one touchy-feely one, did you? It's Christmas time, for crying out loud!

One of the big dangers we all face both professionally and personally is tunnel-vision - the inability to understand that other people may see things a bit differently than you do. I resolve to not only listen to other's opinions and perspectives, but to actively seek them out. 

I have a lot to be grateful for. I'm not going to wait for next Thanksgiving to show my gratitude. I resolve to be thankful (and show it) every day, regardless of how well that particular day is going.

So what are your New Year's Resolutions? Please share them with us in the comments section.

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