Integrated Marketing Strategy

Although we are firm believers in inbound marketing, most businesses need to supplement their inbound channel with prospecting, networking and referral channels. We recommend that businesses use content marketing to support all of their marketing channels. For example, if you meet a potential buyer at a networking event, following up with a helpful piece of content that is not overtly sales-oriented is a good way to help build the relationship. We work with our customers to develop a multi-channel marketing strategy that is integrated with their sales efforts through CRM software.

Elements of Strategy

When developing growth strategies, we typically touch on the following:

  1. Buyer persona development
  2. Ideal customer profile definition
  3. Identification of key performance indicators (KPIs)
  4. Optimization of marketing channels
  5. Keyword strategy
  6. Content marketing strategy
  7. Social media strategy
  8. Sales technology strategy
  9. Sales-marketing alignment
  10. Analytics and reporting strategy

Integrated Marketing Strategy Resources

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