Rapidan Inbound Pricing Packages

Everybody's different. Some need help with a project or training and others are looking for an outsourced sales and marketing solution.

It's really a matter of using your internal expertise and outsourcing those things that you need help with. We have a full range of pricing and service options for you, regardless of where you fit in the spectrum. We've listed a variety of packages ands services with prices below. If you'd like to talk about a custom pricing package, schedule a convenient time by clicking the button below.

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Outsourced inbound marketing packages



$3,000 per month

For businesses that want to build an inbound growth foundation

• Develop a marketing strategy

• HubSpot software implementation

• Bi-monthly lead generation campaigns

• Contact management strategy

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$6,000 per month

For businesses that want to ramp up inbound lead generation

• Marketing automation workflows

• Lead segmentation and qualification

• Expanded lead generation

• Expanded ROI analysis

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$9,000 per month

For businesses that want to add sales enablement to accelerate growth

• HubSpot Sales Implementation

• Automated sales outreach

• Premium content lead generation

• Sales enablement services

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Sales and advertising packages


Sales Enablement

$2,000 per month

Automate your sales process for productivity and consistency

• HubSpot Sales and CRM implementation

• Sales process automation

• Lead qualification and intelligence

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Digital Advertising

Pricing varies by ad budget

Increase brand awareness through targeted advertising

• PPC (pay-per-click) advertising

• Retargeting

• Social media advertising

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Web design

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Website design and development to optimize growth

• UX design and development

• Blog,email and landing page templates

• HubSpot growth-driven design certified

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Stand-Alone Services

Rapidan Book

Business Development Strategy

We will design a 7-point business development strategy. Deliverables include a strategy document and an action plan for implementation. We will develop big-picture goals and the KPIs to measure and support them, design your value statement, focus on your target market niches, define your marketing channels, define sales processes by channel and determine your resource needs. One time fee of $2,500.

HubSpot CRM Implementation

We will set up your HubSpot CRM to support your sales process. Services include importing and managing your contact database, defining deal stages and custom fields, lead routing, building custom views for reps and managers. One time fee of $2,500.

HubSpot Training

Custom HubSpot training from a Certified HubSpot Agency Partner based on your specific needs. Half-day (4 hours) - $1,250. Whole-day (8 hours) - $2,500. Custom packages available.

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HubSpot / Business Development Consulting

Consulting services available on a project-based fee or hourly fee. Hourly fee for strategic consulting is $150.

How can we help?

We realize that a cookie-cutter approach isn't going to meet your unique needs. Let's talk about what you need and how we can help you.