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Integrated Marketing Strategy

integrated marketing strategy

We work with customers to develop a strategy that integrates inbound marketing into their outbound sales channels. We develop performance targets for web visitors, leads and sales based on current web performance, cost of customer acquisition and lifetime customer value. We develop buyer personas and ideal customer profiles to target marketing efforts. We develop keyword, social and content marketing strategies that target buyer personas and ideal customer profiles. We audit currrent inbound marketing efforts to identify gaps and develop tactics to support the strategy.

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Inbound Marketing Campaigns

An inbound marketing campaign is a series of processes designed to produce a desired result – whether it be generating sales leads, increasing software subscriptions or promoting a particular product line. Each campaign is based around a premium content offer like an eBook, webinar or video. The inbound campaign incorporates blogging, social media posting, calls-to-action, landing pages, lead nurturing and analytics to acheive target results.

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Inbound marketing campaigns