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Why You Should Outsource Your Inbound Marketing

When I first started my inbound marketing agency, a very wise marketing VP said to me, "One thing about being a marketing professional is everyone thinks they can do your job." I didn't realize at the time how true those words were. From the outside, marketing looks easy and in some respects, it is. What's really hard is to do the job well. And in marketing and sales, it's real easy to tell if...

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3 Proven Strategies To Maximize Your Inbound Marketing Conversion Rate

Inbound marketing makes it easier to convert customers, but easy doesn't mean automatic. After your content, social media, and other inbound tools bring the interested prospect to your virtual doors, you need a clear strategy to get them across the finish line. Remember, these are people who have already demonstrated some level of interest in what you have to offer. Optimizing your conversion...

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Is Your Website Letting Your Inbound Marketing Down?

Most business managers in the professional services and technology industries have adapted inbound marketing tactics for lead generation, with varying degrees of success. You've been creating great lead generation content and promoting it with social media and blogging, yet you're just not generating the leads you need to justify your inbound marketing investment. What gives?

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3 Killer Strategies to Improve Your Insurance Agency Inbound Marketing

The core concept of inbound marketing is that by offering something of value to potential customers, you are able to build trust and establish mutually beneficial relationships that lead to conversions. Producing quality content is the perfect way to offer real value, and your content strategy begins with your blog. In the insurance industry, there's currently a tremendous opportunity to serve...

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Why Inbound Marketing Is The Best B2G Marketing Strategy

The world of B2G marketing is undergoing a transformation. Government buyers are now following the lead of their commercial counterparts in how they conduct pre-purchase research. Market Connections and The Merritt Group's 2015 Federal Content Marketing Review definitively answered the question, "Do government buyers use content marketing in their buying processes?" The answer is a resounding...

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Professional Services Blogging Is More Than Just Writing

For those of us who are using business blogging to drive website traffic and generate leads in our professional services businesses, we're not alone. According to ion Interactive, 27 million pieces of content are shared everyday! The battle for organic traffic and leads is hyper-competitive. If you're not thinking about how you can make your blog a unique destination where qualified buyers...

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Why Process Should Drive Your Inbound Marketing

I'm a huge fan of developing and using process in my business. My love of process came to me as most things do - the hard way. I finally realized that scrambling to figure out a way to deal with situations as they came up wasn't a smart way to do things, particularly when it wasn't the first time I had dealt with that situation.

Inbound marketing itself is a process. Blogging and social media...

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4 Marketing Automation Leaks And How To Fix Them

So you've started using marketing automation for your business. You're blogging, generating leads with premium content and establishing trusted advisor status on LinkedIn. Marketing automation is the glue that holds your inbound marketing initiative together. When somebody completes your lead generation form, marketing automation delivers the content to your new lead, notifies you that you...

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4 Marketing Automation Best Practices for SMBs

Marketing automation is a great way for SMB companies to generate leads and position their businesses as thought leaders in their vertical markets. There are many affordable marketing automation software packages available for small businesses. We recommend HubSpot, but there are several other alternatives available for small businesses like SharpSpring, Act-On and GreenRope. 


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How To Go Outbound With Your B2B Inbound Marketing

When done properly and consistently, a B2B inbound marketing program will provide your company with a consistent lead generation machine. After 3 years of inbound marketing, Rapidan Inbound is producing 3,000 website visits and 50 leads per month

But it took us 3 years to develop what is now a sustainable source of new leads every month. We've had peaks and valleys along the way. My advice...

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