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How To Go Outbound With Your B2B Inbound Marketing

When done properly and consistently, a B2B inbound marketing program will provide your company with a consistent lead generation machine. After 3 years of inbound marketing, Rapidan Inbound is producing 3,000 website visits and 50 leads per month

But it took us 3 years to develop what is now a sustainable source of new leads every month. We've had peaks and valleys along the way. My advice...

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How To Manage Your Professional Services Sales Process With The HubSpot CRM

Does your professional services firm have a documented sales process? High growth firms have clearly defined sales processes that have been optimized by iterating based on feedback from customers. While most elements of the sales process are customized for each customer, the basic outlines of what should happen and when are defined and documented. In this post, rather than focusing on the...

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From 0 to 3,000: A 3-Year HubSpot Case Study

It's time pull back the curtains and share Rapidan Inbound's journey from a start-up inbound marketing company to an established business that gets over 3,000 website visits per month and just short of 50 leads per month. This case study is an example of why business owners should think of content marketing as a long-term strategy; while you will see results along the way, the real reward is...

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Trust - The Foundation of Your Professional Services Marketing Strategy

Do your customers trust you? If you're in the professional services industry and you answered no to that question, you're in deep trouble. Businesses trust some of their most important issues to professional services firms - legal issues, financial issues and operational issues. If they don't trust you, how can you expect them to outsource their most important business issues to you?


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How To Nail Your Marketing Strategy Basics

Despite the fact that marketing is one of the most important fundamental processes of any business, many business managers fly be the seat of their pants with their marketing strategy. Developing a marketing strategy is like designing a blueprint for a house - the blueprint lays out how the house will be built, taking into account considerations like the needs of the future inhabitants and the...

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A Response To "Beware the Dark Side of LinkedIn"

I just read an article in Inc. magazine by Steve Cody titled, "Beware the Dark Side of LinkedIn." I urge you to read the full article, but it is about LinkedIn spammers and Cody's advice on how to deal with them. Don't get me wrong, a day rarely goes by that I don't get a LinkedIn connection request shortly followed by a boilerplate sales message.

The most frequent offenders are "lead...

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The New Frontier of Marketing Automation: Predictive Lead Scoring

Marketing automation has become a standard business practice for most B2B companies. When used properly, marketing automation provides you with information about your potential buyers and helps you optimize your communications with them. Paradoxically, a good marketing automation program make your marketing seem more human because it anticipates your buyers wants and needs and responds to...

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How To Measure Marketing ROI for Growth

Department store magnate John Wanamaker famously said, "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half." With inbound marketing, that's not the case. If you're using inbound marketing software like HubSpot, you can measure the effectiveness of every asset of an inbound marketing campaign from calls-to-action to blog posts.

We've written in the past...

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3 Incredibly Simple Hacks for Your Inbound Lead Generation Strategy

Inbound marketing has become exceptionally popular, and for good reason. Bottom line, it works. In fact, inbound marketing works so well that now everyone is using it. With so many companies embracing the power of inbound, standing out from the crowd has become a real challenge. Does that mean you should abandon inbound for the next hot trend? Of course not.

Your inbound marketing can still...

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5 Content Marketing Stories Every Management Consultant Can Tell

Many management consultants are great at what they do, but struggle with consistently winning new business. They know their field of expertise well and do a great job solving client problems. Most of their new business results from referrals.

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